10 Things Fans Need to Know About Ric Flair’s Life Outside of Wrestling

10 Things Fans Should Know About Ric Flair's Life Outside Wrestling

10 Things Fans Need to Know About Ric Flair’s Life Outside of Wrestling: Acting Work, Business With Mike Tyson, Has A Book, His Own Podcast, Lost His Son, Plane Ride From Hell Controversy and more

Ric Flair is an icon from the world of professional wrestling who has burst out into the pop culture world, becoming a legendary name that is known everywhere. His classic catchphrase is something that even non-wrestling fans are aware of, and the Nature Boy is going to go down as a true living legend in the business.

Inside the ring, Flair has put together some incredible matches and the titles that he has won are something that fans are well aware of. He is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but when it comes to his real life away from the ring, there are things people should be aware of.

10 Things Fans Should Know About Ric Flair's Life Outside Wrestling

Here are the 10 Things Fans Should Know About Ric Flair’s Life Outside Wrestling

Acting Work

Surprisingly Ric Flair has never gone too deep into the acting world in the same manner that many other wrestlers have, and with his popularity and charisma, there’s no doubt he could have relished in that field. However, that doesn’t mean he has done no acting, as that isn’t the case.

Flair has been involved in several advertising spots which have shown his acting chops, and he even appeared in “Magic Mike XXL” in a small role.

Business With Mike Tyson

Ric Flair is someone who likes to be involved in a lot of different projects, and a wild one that he has started is alongside boxing legend Mike Tyon. The two have launched their own cannabis products, with both of them being named and related to their own individual careers.

It’s a different side of the two men than most people would expect, especially since they have had such successful careers in the sporting world. However, this is a business that they are both pushing to try and grow right now.

Has A Book

Another project that Ric Flair has taken on away from wrestling is writing his own autobiography, which is something that covers his entire life both in and out of the ring. It’s a unique book because it’s written by him and Charlotte Flair, with this being told by both of them.

Getting their joint perspectives on different matters is unique and honest, and that is something that makes this book particularly interesting. It is open and honest, and it covers a lot of his life, rather than just wrestling.

His Own Podcast

Away from appearing inside the ring as a wrestler or a manager, the Nature Boy continues to work regularly, and one way that he does that is through having his own podcast. Of course, throughout this, he does talk about his in-ring career, but he also shares other stories throughout his life.

It’s an intriguing podcast that is very open and honest, and being able to hear from one of the all-time greats is something that professional wrestling fans will love to hear.

Lost His Son

A big part of Ric Flair’s life has been the unfortunate loss of his son, Reid Flair, who died in 2013. It was an extremely upsetting and emotional part of his life and is something that he struggled with massively at the time, as is to be expected.

It’s something that Flair has been open talking about ever since it happened, showcasing real honesty and openness at times in what is an incredibly difficult situation for him and all of his family.

Plane Ride From Hell Controversy

While a lot of Ric Flair’s life has been positive and has led to him gaining plaudits and praise, not everything has been good, and that is important for fans to know as well. The infamous plane ride from hell journey that saw the WWE locker room acting wild is one filled with insane stories, ranging from fun pranks to very serious allegations.

Flair’s part in that journey falls into the latter category, with the Nature Boy reportedly exposing himself to a flight attendant against her wishes, while also forcing her to touch him. It’s something that was made public on the “Dark Side Of The Ring” episode, and is a sign that he has not always acted like a classy person.

Rap Connections

The world of rap music has embraced Ric Flair over the years, with his love of the finer things in life being something that goes along with rappers perfectly. That has been clear over time as his name and aspects of his career have been mentioned in countless different songs.

That was then taken to a whole new level when Offset created the song, “Ric Flair Drip,” which was completely dedicated to him. The Nature Boy then appeared in the music video, connecting to the song even further.

Related To Conrad Thompson

Everyone knows that Ric Flair’s daughter is Charlotte, as she competes in WWE with the same name, but that isn’t the only girl he has. His other daughter, Megan, is lesser known by wrestling fans, but the same cannot be said about her husband, who is very well connected in the sport.

Conrad Thompson is Flair’s son-in-law, and considering the impact he has been able to have on the wrestling business, it is certainly something that people should be aware of.

Serious Health Problems

Ric Flair might have wrestled his ‘last’ match in 2022, but throughout his real life, he has dealt with some very serious health issues at times. That led to the Nature Boy almost losing his life back in 2017 when he dealt with health complications after the removal of an obstructive piece of his bowel.

Flair sustained kidney failure, which led to dialysis treatment and a lot of concern about his health. The world was close to losing him at that point and is something that people have been wary about ever since, but thankfully he came through the other side.

Virtual Restaurant

Another business venture that Ric Flair has been involved in is his company, Wooooo Wings, which is a virtual restaurant that is now available in six different states. This is something that focuses on delivery, providing wings to people who order them, showcasing Flair’s love for business.

The fact that he can push into these different avenues showcases that he loves pushing himself to new heights, and that is something that has led to great success outside of wrestling.

10 Things Fans Should Know About Ric Flair’s Life Outside Wrestling

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