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Best Way To Earn Free Crypto Coin Online

The Best Way to Earn Free Crypto Coin (2021 Legit Airdrop List)

Airdrops are gradually gaining popularity in the crypto coin market. Airdrops are an innovative way to reward crypto coin users for sharing their ideas and support to the crypto community. Here we are going to discuss the best crypto airdrops and their importance in the crypto coin market.

What are Airdrops?

In cryptocurrencies, the term “Airdrop” is used for the event when utility tokens are distributed for free to crypto users participating in a token sale. However, some projects distribute airdrops without an ICO launch. 

Airdrops is actually a marketing gimmick used to entice crypto users to participate in an ICO. Users can get these Crypto coins for free regardless of their geographical location, anywhere in the world. However, some airdrops are subject to state jurisdictions and regulations.

To receive airdrops, users must produce a KYC (Know Your Customer) form. This is a method of verifying legitimate users on the network (think twice before sharing your confidential information). Verified users must present their wallet address to receive the coins.

Best Crypto Airdrops – List of Popular Crypto Airdrop in June

Here are some of the most popular crypto airdrops in June.

  • ApeiroX Airdrop
  • Bernard Finance Airdrop
  • Cell Land Airdrop
  • Coin Artist Airdrop
  • Hora OS Airdrop
  • LA Airdrop

Best Crypto Airdrops

ApeiroX Airdrop

ApeiroX Airdrop is worth up to 2,000,000 APX tokens (~$ 10) for each participant. Share your referral link to earn 500,000 APX tokens (~$ 2.50) for each valid referral.

About ApeiroX

ApeiroX is a trust-less, flexibly safe e-commerce platform that introduces blockchain benefits to commerce and link local suppliers to both local and foreign markets, with the aim of reducing financial disparities and improving product accessibility. ApeiroX provides a suite of products including e-Commerce, DEX swaps, P2P, and e-Wallets. APX is already listed on PancakeSwap.

How to join the ApeiroX Airdrop?

Requirements to earn free crypto coins on ApeiroX Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide ”ApeiroX Airdrop”

Start the ApeiroX Airdrop Telegram Bot.
Join ApeiroX on Telegram Group & Channel. (Mandatory)
Follow ApeiroXcom on Twitter & Like and retweet the pinned Tweet. (Optional)
Like follow ApeiroX on Facebook & Share the pinned post. (Optional)
Visit the website of their partner Landearn & Submit your email for the waitlist. (Mandatory)
Submit your BSC wallet address, email, and details to the Bot.
Distribution starts on the 7th of September 2021 and ends on the 14th of September 2021.
Join the ApeiroX Bounty Campaign to earn more APX tokens. (Optional)

Disclaimer: Investors should take the time to research any given product before they invest their funds.

Join ApeiroX Airdrop – Click Here

Bernard Finance Airdrop

Bernard Finance Airdrop is worth an equal part of the total airdrop pool, which is representative of 1% of the total supply, to celebrate the birth of #BERNARD and the launch of the $ BERN token. The first 200 participants will receive a significant bonus for being early supporters, so hurry up!

About Bernard Finance

Bernard Finance is a community meme project built on top of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BERNARD is the cutest and kindest St-Shibernard you will ever come across. A St-Shibernard is an extremely rare breed of dog, basically a Shiba born in the Swiss mountains. But BERNARD is even more than that. He is gifted with the goodness of his father, laser eyes, and the bionic paw of his mother. That makes it a truly unique doggo. His barrel is filled with $ BERN, his essence, his blood.

The $ BERN Tokenomics apply a special tax to each transaction of the tokens. 5% is redistributed to holders, while 5% is burned forever, reducing total supply, resulting in permanent token rarity. Various events will be held depending on the number of BERNARD fans.

How to join the Bernard Finance Airdrop?

Requirements to earn free crypto coins on Bernard Finance Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide ”Bernard Finance Airdrop”

Go to the Bernard Finance Airdrop form.
Follow @BernardFinance on Twitter.
Like, Quote retweet the pinned Airdrop tweet, and @tag 2 friends.
Join Bernard Finance on Telegram Group & Channel.
Submit your BSC wallet address, email, and details to the $BERN Airdrop form.
If eligible, you will receive an equal share of the total airdrop pool which is representative of 1% of the total $BERN supply.
The airdrop will be distributed on 01/08/2021 to celebrate the ”National Day” in Switzerland. However, if a miracle allows it, they will activate the distribution on July 11th, if and only if the Swiss national soccer team qualifies for the 2021 UEFA Euro Cup final.
BERNARD decided to open his barrel from time to time during the «Barrel openings», this will pour some tokens on the ground, lost forever, a sacrifice, only to help his true fans. More love = More sacrifice.

Disclaimer: Investors should take the time to research any given product before they invest their funds.

Join Bernard Finance Airdrop – Click Here

Cell Land Airdrop 

Cell Land Airdrop has a value of 3.5 million CLD tokens that will be distributed in 2 phases. In the first stage, 2 million CLD tokens are hidden in the cells of the billboard, which you can receive for free every 1 hour for 4 weeks with the amount of possibilities you have. You can also present this project to your friends or on social media and receive a referral commission.

About Cell Land

Cell Land is the first NFT project with real application and value. In this project, for the first time, you can unconditionally own the pixels of a work of art, history and technology. You can show your brand alongside the world’s top brands to millions of interested visitors and put your name in NFT and Cryptocurrency history forever. It should be noted that you can rent your pixels in a completely secure and decentralized environment or when you want to transfer ownership of these pixels to other people and earn money. Every 100 pixels of the Cell land website are tokenized with a Cell token and as a result, the Cell Land billboard is divided into 14,400 Cell tokens.

In Cell Land, there are two main Cell (CELL) tokens like ERC-721 token or NFT token, and Land (CLD) token like ERC-20 token or project application token. The total Land Token Supply (CLD) is 100 million, of which 14% are destined for sale.

How to join the Cell Land Airdrop?

Requirements to earn free crypto coins on Cell Land Airdrop

Step-by-step guide ” Cell Land Airdrop ”

Visit the Cell Land Airdrop page.
Connect your Metamask or TronLink wallet. When using decentralized applications (dApps), it’s critical to remember that YOU are responsible for the security of your digital assets!
Mine CLD tokens every 6 minutes by one click, in the first decentralized advertisement billboard.
Two million CLD Airdrop tokens for 4 weeks and after the end of that, they distribute that 2 million in 6 days. In the second phase, 1.5 million CLD Airdrop tokens for 4 weeks to be distributed in 6 days.
Invite your friends to receive a referral commission.
The CLD Airdrop tokens will be sent to your wallet after the end of the campaign.

Disclaimer: Investors should take the time to research any given product before they invest their funds.

Join Cell Land Airdrop – Click Here

Coin Artist Airdrop

Coin Artist NFT Drop is worth a 1/1 F473 NFT card & 0.5 MATIC for every participant. This free NFT gives access to the first decentralized NFT Art collecting game launched in parallel with the 1/1 #F473 NFT auction on @ChristiesInc. 

To be eligible for this NFT Drop, you must have been following: 

@coin_artist or @opensea or @0xPolygon or @neondistrict on Twitter prior to the official Coin Artist NFT Drop official ANN.

About Coin Artist

Coin Artist is the social token of Marguerite DeCourcelle, better known by her CypherPunk Twitter persona coin_artist. COIN grants access to Coin’s E-Den, a syndicate within the Neon District Game. 

Marguerite deCourcelle is a technologist, game designer, and blockchain enthusiast. Her brand is heavily associated with gaming and puzzles since she is the credited inventor of Crypto Art puzzles, a virtual-art-world niche that means real money for puzzle-solvers. She is as well the CEO of Blockade Games. 

How to join the Coin Artist Airdrop?

Requirements to earn free crypto coins on Coin Artist airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide ”Coin Artist NFT Drop”

Visit the Coin Artist NFT Drop page.
Connect your Metamask wallet and click the ”Claim” button. See this video for claim details.
You will be redirected to the NFT marketplace. You will receive Free 0.5 MATIC.
You will need to deposit around 0.001 ETH into your Matic wallet to cover the small ETH Gas fee. So, switch your wallet’s RPC to the Ethereum network.
Your deposit will show as pending and may take about 10 minutes. Wait for the deposit and check back later.
Click the ”Unlock” button to submit a transaction with your wallet to trade with this currency. This only needs to be done once.
Sign the message using your wallet to continue your purchase process.
Woot! You just purchased a unique exclusive 1/1 F473 NFT. Congratulations!

Head on over to the Coin Artist farm page to marvel at the newest staking program for E-den syndicate members allowing COIN, CRED, and partner token holders to earn shards of coveted pieces from a secret Coin Vault. Each artwork will be minted as an NFT and placed into a farming vault. Using NIFTEX, each NFT is decomposed into a finite supply of ERC-20 tokens. 

Disclaimer: Investors should take the time to research any given product before they invest their funds.

Join Coin Artist Airdrop – Click Here

Hora OS Airdrop

Hora OS Airdrop Pre-launch program is worth 50 HORA tokens for the first 2500 participants.

About Hora OS

Hora OS is an operating system built to administer a network of computers through a decentralized protocol. Through the operation of nodes network that located on computers around the world, Hora OS manages computing resources into a unified network and optimizes utilization by tokenizing processing performance computers, bandwidth, and storage capacity. This distributed computing network is highly scalable and able to build applications easily.

The first issued HORA tokens run on the Binance Smart Chain network. When the Hora blockchain network launches the mainnet, Hora tokens will be moved to mainnet.

Requirements to earn free crypto coins on Hora OS airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide ”Hora OS Airdrop Pre-launch Program”

Go to the Hora OS Airdrop form. 

Join Hora OS on Telegram Group & Channel.

Follow OS_Hora on Twitter. 

Submit your BSC wallet address, email, and details to the Airdrop form.

The first 2500 eligible participants will receive 50 HORA 10 days after Airdrop closes.

Disclaimer: Investors should take the time to research any given product before they invest their funds.

Join Hora OS Airdrop – Click Here

Latoken Airdrop

Airdrop Terms and Conditions

1. Start FREE Airdrop on Telegram bot and follow the instructions listed there (also explained below). Participants must use their current LATOKEN account, airdrop rewards will be credited only to this account.
2. Participants must have an account/register on LATOKEN and install LATOKEN mobile app or pass KYC Tier 2 verification to be eligible to receive airdrop rewards. To verify a new account please check your email inbox and follow the instructions.
3. Join FREE’s official social media channels. Participants must remain subscribed to social media channels until the airdrop distribution date otherwise the social task’s completion reward will be zero. The social task reward will be 400,000 FREE tokens given to each eligible participant.
4. Invite unique users who have never participated in LATOKEN airdrops and get 150,000 FREE tokens per referral.
5. All referrals must complete airdrop tasks and install LATOKEN mobile app or pass KYC tier-2 otherwise the referrals will not be counted.


Airdrop rewards are limited. Participants must complete the tasks faster to increase their chances to get a reward. FREE airdrop ends when airdrop reward tokens will be finished.
New users must apply for KYC within 72 hours of the airdrop finished date.
Tokens will be distributed on the 5th day of the finish date and take up to two weeks.
The distribution will be based on whether the participant satisfies the eligibility criteria at the last date of the airdrop. The snapshot will be taken on the last day of the airdrop at 15:00 (UTC+3).
Only for non-US citizens and each user can participate only once in each airdrop.
Participants will not receive airdrop rewards if they haven’t passed the KYC tier 2 or installed LATOKEN mobile app.
Airdrop complaints will be answered until the 2 weeks time of reward distribution date. If you complain about an airdrop later than two weeks time of the distribution date then the complaint will not be answered.

Invite a friend, and you both get $50 credit
Every time a friend signs up using your referral link, you both get a $50 credit.
This credit cashed back when you or your friend makes a trade or transaction:
we return up to 25% of fees paid back to your wallet.
LATOKEN is a home for your investments and money. Join the next financial system now and get $50 credit to pay fees

Join LA Airdrop – Click Here

How do Airdrops work?

Airdrops are new tokens that are distributed for free during the launch of an ICO to attract the attention of potential customers. Airdrops can be used for upcoming ICOs or established blockchain networks to help investors differentiate between old and new tokens.

Fintech companies using financial technologies use airdrops to attract new investors and market their next projects in the world of crypto coins. Interested users must complete certain protocols and provide their wallet address days before airdrops are generated in the marketplace.

Advantages of Crypto Airdrops

Airdrops are an innovative way to launch new ICOs and crypto coins on the market and get the attention of potential investors.

Airdrops are useful for launching utility tokens that can then be used for the development of a blockchain project, attracting more investors, and expanding the blockchain community.

The fundamental thing about airdrops is to reward users who participate in the ICO. This not only helps to build a market for the new token, but also gains the trust of users towards the project.

Project marketers get free access to millions of data such as KYC details, personal information, and wallet addresses provided by users who want to take advantage of airdrops. This is a unique way to leverage the business and gain access to thousands of potential investors.

Why does Airdrops issue free tokens?

In simple words, airdrops are like trade promotional campaigns or trade shows where companies distribute free samples to advertise their products.

Airdrop is a marketing strategy by which companies try to spread the word about their new project. Airdrops give crypto coin users the opportunity to exchange their crypto coins for money. People who sign up for the projects spread the word to their families, friends, and other crypto users and this is how the campaigns outnumber millions of crypto users.

An airdrop can be a way for network users to earn free money, especially if the value of the token increases over time. Some have viewed airdrops, such as forks, as a form of payment for dividends earned by owning a digital asset, in the sense that it is an additional premium that is paid to token holders on a pro-rata basis.

Where to find information about Airdrops?

We have listed highly rated reliable and popular Airdrops in the list above. We will keep this list available with the latest worthy Airdrops. You can learn more about airdrops from the various crypto coin airdrop platforms and communities. Apart from that, crypto forums such as Airdrop crypto crypto coins and ICO airdrops work and meaning will also explain the process in detail.

Social media channels like Bitcoin and Altcoin airdrops or token airdrops also provide the necessary information about airdrops. Other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, and the Bitcointalk forum are good places to find information.

How safe are Airdrops?

Airdrops are completely safe. However, you can follow certain security protocols such as:

Never share your private keys with the network.
Never share your confidential information related to any of your accounts on the Internet.
Find a legitimate website. Read reviews and complaints from the company.
Use a separate email, there are many chances of receiving spam emails.


Cryptocurrency airdrops are the next big thing and are one of the most effective marketing strategies for launching new crypto coin projects. But the bad news is that airdrops are not completely exempt from scams. Investors who want to participate in airdrops should inquire about the legitimacy of the project. Be wary of projects that want you to share their private keys or ask you to send funds at any point in the process.

The information on this website is not intended to be financial, business, investment or other advice, and you should not consider the content of the website as such. does not recommend that you buy, sell or hold any cryptocurrency.

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