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Crypto Credit Cards – Why You Should Have One

What is Crypto Cards?
Crypto Credit Cards

Crypto credit cards are useful and rewarding.

Cryptocurrencies have become widespread as a growing form of asset. However, did you have the idea that you can also use them as cash? We currently have more options than ever when it comes to paying for products and services with Bitcoin, which we can do through crypto credit cards and crypto debit cards.

Credit cards are a useful and rewarding way to shop. What’s more, as long as you don’t have a balance, you won’t have to pay interest. However, is the same with crypto credit cards?

What Are Crypto Credit Cards and Why You Should Have One

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  • What is Crypto Cards?
  • Should You Own Crypto Credit Cards?

What is Crypto Cards?

Crypto credit and debit cards are the same as your normal credit and debit cards. The only distinction is that you are using cryptocurrencies to pay for products and services.

However, you should know that you do not pay directly with Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. By using these cards, your cryptocurrencies are exchanged into the local fiat currency and then sent to the payer.

Crypto credit cards are backed by assistance from Visa and MasterCard, two of the world’s leading financial networks. After obtaining permission from the organizations, an encryption organization will issue you an encryption card, which is kept at any store that recognizes Visa or MasterCard payments.

One of the first crypto credit cards was the Shift Card offered by Coinbase. Any purchase amount you made was deducted from the total value of your Bitcoin balance. However, his daily spending was restricted to $ 1,000 and ATM withdrawals to $ 200.

The leading Bitcoin rewards credit card will be introduced in the US this year. An important benefit of these cards is that they allow cryptocurrency fans to spend their cryptocurrencies. If you frequently own and buy cryptocurrencies, a crypto credit card is a must.

Should you have crypto credit cards?

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, having crypto credit can be beneficial. One of the biggest advantages of a crypto credit card is paying for products and services without having to pay exorbitant fees to convert them into fiat money.

Banks generally charge fees for their credit card services. However, with crypto cards, the fee does not apply if you spend within the limit amount for a particular year. Also, with crypto credit cards, there are no exchange fees (crypto currency exchange).

Crypto credit cards are also rewarding. You can get additional coins, in the same way that you get a refund when you make a purchase of a particular amount. Some rewards can provide you 3% or more of your total transaction.

Also, crypto rewards can increase in value after earning them. On the other hand, the refund will most likely not increase in value. If you use credit card rewards to buy something, it is very likely that the product will lose value if you change it. If you buy an airline ticket with miles or book a hotel room with points, you will not be able to resell them for profit. So, cryptocurrency is one of the few rewards that promise to increase in value.

Cryptocurrency rewards may seem attractive, yet they are also incredibly volatile. Like an investment in the stock market, the value of currencies can change. So if you are looking for short-term profits, cryptocurrency is not the best option for you.

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Crypto Credit Cards – Why You Should Have One


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