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Earncryptos online – Participate in XcelPay Wallet Massive Token Giveaway

Participate in XcelPay Wallet Massive Token Giveaway
XcelPay Wallet 

Participate in XcelPay Wallet Massive Token Giveaway

XcelPay Wallet which belongs to the Xcellab Ecosystem is all set  to Giveaway 10 Million XcelToken Plus (XLAB) + 1000 BUSD to 12 lucky winners. You sure can be one of them. 

Head over to and grab one of the most promising cryptocurrency of the FUTURE. 

This is a rare opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to EARN 10 million XcelToken Plus (XLAB) + 1000 BUSD, for absolute zero cost! The draw is open to all. And, the sweepstakes contest is really easy to enter. Before we move on to the Giveaway Contest rules, let’s take a look at this exciting and promising token that XcelPay Wallet is giving away for free.

XcelToken Plus (XLAB) 

XcelToken Plus (XLAB) is an ERC-20 token built on an Ethereum platform. It is a decentralized payment solution that has been designed to drive the widespread use of cryptocurrencies in cross-cutting industries, including the hospitality, retail, gaming, social media, and payments sectors.

Created to engage and foster larger crypto communities, XcelToken Plus has the highest mass adoption in the airline and travel industry, such as: With XcelToken Plus (XLAB) you can book more than 2.7 million hotels and more than 450 airlines, and recharge your mobile operator service in 900 different service companies in more than 190 countries! And this is just the beginning. 

How can you invest in XcelToken Plus?

Traders can invest in XLAB with the help of USDT, Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH). In leading exchanges such as: Hotbit, LAtoken and XcelToken Exchange of Xcellab.

The XcelToken Plus (XLAB) private sale has been closed for now, which is why this Giveaway is a great opportunity for all crypto enthusiasts to win XcelToken Plus (XLAB).

Along with Binance Stable Coin BUSD.

Xcelpay Wallet Giveaway ContestParticipate & WIN

Follow These Simple Steps Below:

Go to and sign in with your Facebook, Gmail or Email account.

Follow 14 little tasks listed on the home page. Completing these tasks will take less than five minutes of screen time.
Sit back and relax.

If you are one of our lucky winners: you will get 10 million XLAB + 1000 BUSD.

Do I have to complete – ALL fourteen tasks?

No, as a general rule of thumb, you don’t need to complete ALL fourteen tasks listed in Gleam. However, each task is worth a few points of entry. Some tasks can potentially earn you more entry points than other tasks that could only give you one entry point.

Therefore, you do not need to complete all tasks. However, as you complete more tasks and earn more entry points, you have a better chance of winning the Contest and pocketing the Sweepstakes Tokens.

Overview of the Tasks You Will Be Registering For

The tasks are quite simple. As simple as following Xcellab verticals such as: XcelPay Wallet, XcelToken Plus, XcelTrip, XcelDefi on Twitter, FB, Instagram.
Download XcelPay Wallet which is a decentralized crypto wallet for buying, selling and storing your cryptocurrencies.

And create a free business account on XcelToken Exchange.

Completing these tasks won’t cost you a penny, and if anything, it benefits you by allowing you to be a part of nurturing the crypto community.

When Marking Your Tasks

Consider completing all your tasks from the Gleam home page only. Follow the links provided in the tasks, from the task list and enter your @username after completing each of those tasks. This is how we count your entries.

How Will I Know That My Entry Has Been Registered?

If you see a blue check mark next to a task, this is how you know you completed a task successfully and earned an additional entry point.

How Will Token Be Distributed to the Winners?

There will be 12 winners in total.
  • 1 lucky winner will win: 5M XLAB and 200 BUSD.
  • 5 lucky winners will win: 1M XLAB and 100 BUSD each
  • 6 lucky winners will win: 50 BUSD each
Terms and Conditions:

Do not withdraw from tasks you have completed. For example: If you have followed XcelPay Wallet on Twitter, but then unfollowed the page, we will not calculate the entry point obtained previously as a valid entry point.

Other terms and conditions are mentioned in Gleam.

Contest ends 26 day left, Sign up for and enter the massive XcelPay Wallet token giveaway.

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