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How to Buy Cryptocurrencies with a Card or Bank Account on Uniswap

Buy Crypto With Card or Bank Account on Uniswap

With the Uniswap and MoonPay partnership, users can now buy Crypto on the Uniswap web app using a credit card, debit card or bank transfer at the best rates.

Here is an easy 5-step guide to buying Crypto with card or bank account on Uniswap.

Step 1. Select the amount of ETH you wish to buy
Step 2. Enter your email address
Step 3. Input your wallet address
Step 4. Enter your payment information
Step 5. Receive your Crypto!

Now you must have certain questions in your mind on how you can buy Crypto with a card or bank account easily, so here is a quick FAQ:

Now you must have certain questions in your mind about how you can easily buy Crypto with a card or bank account, so here is a quick FAQ:

Buy Crypto With Card or Bank Account on Uniswap

What payment methods are supported?

The new fiat on ram feature supports major payment methods such as cards and bank transfers depending on the region. Bank transfers are only available to countries like Brazil, UK, SEPA, and most of the US.

What tokens are supported?

Uniswap currently allows users to buy DAI, ETH, MATIC, USDC, USDT, WBTC, and WETH via card or bank transfer. However, certain regions have restrictions, for example, US users cannot buy WETH or WBTC.

What chains are supported?

You can buy Crypto with a card or bank account and send it to any wallet on the mainnet of Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism and Arbitrum.

Do I need to verify my identity with MoonPay?

No, you do not need to verify your identity to use the Uniswap Protocol, only when you buy Crypto through MoonPay. However, to buy cryptocurrency with a card or bank account, you must refer to MoonPay’s KYC/AML policy.

What are the fees?

Uniswap has some of the lowest fees on the entire market for users to buy cryptocurrency with card and bank accounts.

  • No Minimum Fee – Unlike other payment processors that often charge a minimum fee regardless of purchase size, on Uniswap, it’s zero!
  • No USDC spread: Payment processors quote a token price slightly higher than the market rate. This fee is called the “spread” and contributes to your margins. Uniswap has zero margin for USDC purchases!
  • Low processing and distribution fees: Uniswap has also negotiated low processing and distribution fees on all supported coins.

How many cryptocurrencies can I buy?

Minimum: Most supported cryptocurrencies have a minimum purchase size of 15 USD or equivalent to the user’s local currency. ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI have variable minimum purchase sizes based on market conditions.

Maximum: Purchase limits depend on the cryptocurrency you buy and the fiat currency you use. For example, USDC is capped at 10,000 on Arbitrum and Optimism, while popular fiat currencies are capped at 12,000 USD, 9,000 GBP, 10,000 EUR, and 16,000 CAD.

Your payment provider may place further limitations on the size of your purchase. Please note that minimum and maximum purchase sizes may change based on MoonPay’s policies.

When will the purchased Crypto arrive in my wallet?

Crypto assets that you buy with cards or bank accounts will be available in your wallet in a matter of minutes, although the exact payment method will determine the transfer time.

Can I send Crypto back into my bank account?

No, unfortunately this is not available at the moment. At this time, you can only buy Crypto with a card or bank account. The Uniswap team is working to integrate an exit ramp.

Can I buy NFTs with fiat?

No, You can not. For that, you need to buy ETH with your card or bank account and then use ETH to buy an NFT.


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