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How to Buy NFT On Rarible?

How to Buy NFT On Rarible | Connect Wallet with Rarible | How To Buy NFT at Pre-determined Price | How to place a Bid

The Cryptoverse is changing rapidly and its expansion crosses all the borders of the world. NFTs are one of the great attractions for cryptocurrency lovers as well as beginners where they can collect some valuable and rare digital arts through images, videos or any other digital ways. Gradually, many users are becoming interested in owning NFT collections.

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Well, if you are one of those cryptocurrency lovers planning to enjoy your first NFT collection, then this article is for you. In the next few minutes, you will learn how you can collect the NFT of your choice in simple steps.

You have two ways to buy NFTs using Rarible, you can buy at a predetermined price or you can make an offer. But wait, before you start buying NFTs you must connect your wallet with Rarible.

Connect Wallet with Rarible

Go to the Rarible websites and Click on the Sign-in Option on the top right-hand side corner.
It will prompt you with different crypto wallet options such as Metamask, Torus, and others.
Click on the crypto wallet you want to use and it will direct you to the Explore page.
Congratulations, You have successfully entered Rarible.

How To Buy NFT at Pre-determined Price?

After successful sign in to Rarible, Click on the Explore option.
Check out different NFTs collections and click on the NFTs collection which you want to Buy.
Check out all the details such as the properties of the selected NFT.
Now Click on the “Buy” option and you will see the pop-up of “Checkout”, where you can check the details such as service price, item price, and the total value of purchase.
You can either pay by crypto or with your Visa debit card.
Now click on the “Submit”. Here note that you must confirm the “gas fee”, which is required by the Ethereum Network to process transactions.
After the successful completion of a transaction, you can see the purchased NFT in the Owned section.

How to place a Bid?

First, explore the NFT collection across the platform and click on it.
Now Check the details and history related Bid.
At the bottom right corner of the page, you can see the Bid value and Auction’s deadline.
Remember the amount of your bid must be higher than the last Bid.
Now you can see the amount you have to pay to place your Bid including the service fee.
Pay the adequate amount to place a Bid.
Now, wait until the seller accepts your offer within a time limit.
If the seller accepts your offer, then you will be able to see this NFT in the “owned” section.

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