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How to Get Cryto Like Bitcoin for Free Without Investment

Get Free Cryto coin, Bitcoin Without Investment Online

When Bitcoin sets new price records every day, and right now it costs below $ 37,087.60 (June 2021), the question of how to earn Bitcoin is more relevant than ever.

Naturally, the highways to get Bitcoin presented below will not bring you a lot of money. However, if you have some free time and want to earn some bitcoin, these methods will be relevant to you.

Best Ways to Earn Cryptocurrencies Online

Taking into account the growth of the exchange rate, the coins earned for $ 10,000 would now be valued 4 times more expensive (if you take into account the periodic breakouts due to Elon Musk’s tweets, then 6 times more expensive)

Bitcoin Faucets

Free Bitcoin Faucets
Free Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets are platforms that reward visitors or users with free crypto Coins when they complete certain tasks. This simple task can be anything from writing captcha, viewing ads, playing online games, online quizzes, and taking surveys. The rewards are presented in satoshi. Satoshi is the smallest unit of bitcoin, equivalent to the 100 millionth part of bitcoin. 1 satoshi = 0.00000001 bitcoins.

Here Are Some Popular Bitcoin Faucets That Allow You to Get Free Bitcoin and Other Crypto Coins:

Coin Free
Top Faucet

BitCoinker Faucet

Welcome to Bitcoinker!

Get up to 100,000 Satoshis every 5 minutes

How to use Bitcoinker?

  • 1. Enter your Bitcoin address
  • 2. Solve the captcha
  • 3. Click on “Claim Bitcoin

Important: Please read our FAQ page and faucet rules

You can claim up to 120 times per 24 hours

You are not allowed to use VPS, VPN or Proxy to connect to Bitcoinker

Payouts are made every 1st day of the month for addresses above 20,000 Satoshis

Coincity Faucet

0.015$ No Timer! the Best Shortlinks Prices – 100$ Shortlink Contest!

Claim 0.015 USD every 0 minutes.

Join Coincity FaucetClick Here 

Cryptowin Faucet

Your 1 Bitcoin

Reward Platformis here.

50% each time your referral claims from faucet.

Claim Faucet, View Ads, do Offers, Surveys …

Join Cryptowin Faucet – Click Here 

Coin Free

Claim Bitcoin To FaucetPay

Share this link with your friends and earn 10% referral commission

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Top Faucet

Btc Top Faucet is a subdomain of where users are rewarded for claims, with a 60 second wait time and automatic withdrawal to FaucetPay.

Ltc Top Faucet is a subdomain of where users are rewarded for claims, with a 60 second wait time and automatic withdrawal to FaucetPay.

Doge Top Faucet is a subdomain of where users are rewarded for claims, with a 60 second wait time and automatic withdrawal to FaucetPay.

Bch Top Faucet is a subdomain of where users are rewarded for claims, with a 60 second wait time and automatic withdrawal to FaucetPay.

Eth Top Faucet is a subdomain of where users are rewarded for claims, with a 60 second wait time and automatic withdrawal to FaucetPay.

Join Cryptowin Faucet – Click Here 

Every day more legal sites appear. Often times, services that pay tokens to view advertising content offer users not only to watch videos, but also to perform several simple tasks: reading letters, browsing, entering captchas. An important point is that each platform has its withdrawal limits. Usually at least 10,000 satoshi, it will be difficult for a beginner to earn that amount quickly.

Bitcoin Games

Earn Bitcoin Playing Games
Earn Bitcoin Playing Games

Various games allow you to receive cryptocoins for free. For example, Rollercoin presents you with ten simple games that everyone has known for a long time. It is easy and interesting to pass the levels of these games.

Even if you didn’t cope with the task, Rollercoin credits you with the power, the so-called hashrate. With this power, you can simulate crypto coin mining within the game.

Spells of Genesis, a free arcade card game that runs on macOS and PC, allows you to collect collectibles that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. They can be exchanged for other artifacts or sold for cryptocurrencies.

You can play EOS Knight on smartphones and in the browser. This is a chivalrous saga with collectibles stored on the EOS blockchain. They can be traded within the game and deals with the use of smart contracts.

Altcoin Fantasy is an educational platform that will help you learn to trade and also allow you to make money from it. Here the user receives virtual points with which he can exchange digital currencies. The interface is close to how real exchanges work.

Altcoin Fantasy hosts several trading contests. If a novice trader manages to win one of the prizes, he will be able to claim a prize in Bitcoin and other cryptocoins, for example, Ethereum and Stellar. The game is free, it runs on iOS and Android systems.

Blockchain poker is a single table no limit Texas Hold’em cash game that allows you to play with real bitcoins. You don’t need to register, which means you can play and remain anonymous at the same time. Also, new players automatically receive free satoshi that they can play. However, the minimum withdrawal amount is relatively high and is currently 100,000 satoshi.

BitFun allows its members to receive free satoshi every three minutes by playing and viewing ads that are shown between games. The platform is owned by CoinPot and Moon Bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal limit is 10,000 Satoshi.

PipeFlare is a platform game and a crane in one. While playing you can get a reward in cryptocoin and every 24 hours request a free cryptocurrency ZEC, FLR, DOGE.

DLive is the first and largest blockchain video streaming platform. Streamers on this platform earn based on the number of people who participate in their video broadcasts. DLive viewers are rewarded when they watch, chat, share content, and even donate to content creators.

Bitcoin Mining

Free Bitcoin Mining
Free Bitcoin Mining

No. This is not cryptocoin mining with the purchase of expensive equipment and paying huge electricity bills.

Crypto mining has long become a business that is already done on an industrial scale, mining requires quite a bit of computing power and a lot of cheap energy.

However, if you want to participate in cryptocoin mining, there are programs in the background that use some of your computer’s resources for mining, without interfering with your daily computer use.

Of course, the income from such mining will be a penny, comparable to the income from the bitcoin taps. But you don’t need to make any effort except to start the program itself and receive coins for free.

Honeyminer is an easy-to-use bitcoin mining software that allows anyone with a computer to start mining. By spreading your extra CPU and GPU power, Honeyminer will mine the most profitable coins and tokens for you, and then automatically convert them to bitcoins for easy cash withdrawal.

NiceHash is an online marketplace for buying and selling your computer’s computing power. Anyone can sell their computing power, even if they only have an old laptop. And anyone can buy computing power if they want to take advantage of mining without spending an exorbitant amount of money on mining hardware.

Cudo Miner is a multi-algorithm CPU and GPU miner that can automatically select the most profitable coin to mine and then convert your earnings to Bitcoin.

Rollercoin is the world’s first online crypto coin mining simulator. It all started with a Bitcoin mining simulation. Now, passing the levels in simple arcade games, you can mine Ether, Dogecoin, as well as crypto coins within the game: RollerToken.

The Rollercoin community now has around a million players, and the game celebrated 3 years of existence this spring alone! Try to play, have fun, and get nice bonuses in the form of free Bitcoin, free Ethereum, free Doge.

So, we have compiled the most relevant and profitable options to get different crypto coins for free. As you can see, today there are still simple ways to get crypto  coin without investment, including free bitcoins. All you need is time and interest! And we are happy to offer you the most enjoyable way to get free bitcoins: play games, win satoshi, and exchange them for cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to be financial, business, investment or other advice, and you should not consider the content of the website as such. does not recommend that you buy, sell or hold any cryptocurrency.

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