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Launch of Unitum Coin – a Defi Token Created to End Ticket Fraud Forever

Launch of Unitum Coin - a Defi Token Created to End Ticket Fraud Forever
Unitum Coin

Unitum Coin Launches – a DeFi Token Built to End Ticket Fraud for Good

Unitum is a cryptocurrency agency based in London, United Kingdom, founded to stop fraudulent people and companies in their tracks with banknotes. This community-driven business is focused on constant growth and client security, offering a stable platform for all types of investors.

The cryptocurrency market has been volatile and destabilized for years; its volatility peaked in the first months of 2020, and until very recently no real effort was made to sustain it on its own.

Unitum was founded in response to the uncertainty presented by this particular market; launched on PancakeSwap on June 22, 2021; PancakeSwap is based on Binance Smart Chain, a sovereign blockchain of smart contract based on the programming ability compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine.

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CEO Jalal Harake states: ‘As of June 22, 2021, Unitum officially launched on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange built on top of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Unlike other protocols on the market today, Unitum does not control a significant portion of tokens that can negatively impact the market and they pride themselves on fair distribution policies, meaning that each holder contributes to Unitum’s success, as well as to the own self ”.

Unitum Coin is the first inflation-proof token designed to reward Unitum holders with 4% of each transaction, and another 4% of the transaction is immediately sent to the liquidity pool on the exchange that promotes growth for both parties. . The company excludes so-called ‘whales’ from the equation, leaving no room for market manipulation, which would otherwise lead to volatile inflation and plummets.

This company aims to reshape the world of ticketing and eradicate ticketing fraud while offering a safe and stable space and community for Unitum coin holders. With a total supply of 500 billion tokens issued, despite being a new agency, the Unitum token has already increased in value more than 80X (8,000%) in the first trading week and on Monday June 28, 2021 it will be listed on with a USDT Pairing.

Launch of Unitum Coin

The Unitum team consists of numerous high-profile individuals and companies, including Jalal Harake, Unitum Founder and CEO, Nader Jalal el Harake, a professional senior CEO, Dhia Al-Ani, Air Scotland founder George T. Goodman, a renowned real estate and international investment consultant, and Wayne Sharpe, a seasoned CEO and chief executive officer with a strong track record in the fintech, technology and environmental services industries.

Jalal Harake, CEO of Unitum states: ‘With a huge listing announcement on the Exchange in early July, Unitum is well on its way to exceed all expectations and end ticket fraud for good, while offering massive rewards to its holders. . We have already seen an 8,000% increase in value after 4 trading days and a market capitalization of $ 20 million. Achieving this in the first 4 days of release is incredible. Unitum is already in talks with organizations such as FIFA, NBA, EUFA, Ticketmaster, Virgin, Emirates, Qatar Airways and several other major airlines. We will announce some exciting partnerships along with the launch of our NFT Exchange in Q4 2021 and we expect to see some great volume on in the coming weeks along with an incredibly large exchange listing that we are currently checking the i’s and crossing the T’s with . The whole team and I’m very excited for what’s to come in the next few weeks. ‘

Customers can purchase Unitum directly through simply by opening an account with the exchange. The exchange allows users to buy Unitum (UTM) with USDT (Tether). Customers can also transfer funds directly to the exchange via wire transfer or by using a debit / credit card to purchase USDT and then convert it to Unitum (UTM).

A detailed video guide on how to buy Unitum (UTM) is also available on the Unitum official website.

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