Non-Conference Games to Watch in 2022

Non-Conference Games to Watch in 2022

The Non-conference games to watch in 2022: Florida at Florida State, BYU at Boise State, Clemson at Notre Dame, Arkansas at BYU, Notre Dame vs BYU, TCU at SMU, North Dakota State at Arizona, Penn State at Auburn, Oklahoma at Nebraska,,,,

Here are 20 non-conference games to watch in 2022.

Florida at Florida State (Nov. 25)
BYU at Boise State (Nov. 5)
Clemson at Notre Dame (Nov. 5)
Arkansas at BYU (Oct. 15)
Notre Dame vs BYU (Oct. 8)
TCU at SMU (Sept. 24)
North Dakota State at Arizona (Sept. 17)
Penn State at Auburn (Sept. 17)
Oklahoma at Nebraska (Sept. 17)
Miami at Texas A&M (Sept. 17)
Iowa State at Iowa (Sept. 10)
Tennessee at Pitt (Sept. 10)
Alabama at Texas (Sept. 10)
Florida State vs LSU (Sept. 4)
Utah at Florida (Sept. 3)
Cincinnati at Arkansas (Sept. 3)
Oregon vs Georgia (Sept. 3)
Notre Dame at Ohio State (Sept. 3)
West Virginia at Pitt (Sept. 1)

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Non-conference games to watch in 2022

Non-conference games are a lot of fun. College football is generally defined by conference styles and bragging about who is the top league. The SEC has been showing its strength as the top league for the last two decades. The Big Ten imagines itself in the same stratosphere. The Big 12 is the happy passing league where defense is just a suggestion. The ACC is Clemson and everyone else.

Those are stereotypes, and when schools come out of those conferences, it creates great opportunities to break those narratives. Remember what it looked like when Oregon beat Ohio State last year? A win instantly made the Pac-12 look like a better league.

This year, we have some great non-conference matchups. Some will go a long way in determining who plays for a national championship, while others are just fun battles with interesting storylines. We’ve got the revamp of one of the biggest rivalries in college football, a national championship-winning defensive coordinator playing his old boss, rivalries across the state, and a head coach playing the team he just left.

8 Non-Conference Games to Watch in 2022 (With Image)


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