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Pi Network – The Next Giant? One Pi Equal to $ 100

Pi Network, One Pi Equal to $ 100? – You Who Happened, It’s Not Too Late!

Pi Network and why it will succeed with high value

First of all, if you haven’t heard of the Pi Network or just want to learn more about the project, you can read an article about it in a previous article where I cover the topic. Why will the project be successful? First of all, the project has brought together more than 17 million pioneers currently mining Pi, the community is huge, and the first transactions were already made four months ago.

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A second application called Pi Browser is launched. In the browser app, you currently have your Pi test wallet that you can send between wallets. The second round of node testing is in place and the selection will be on the way soon. I am one of many being tested to be a node or supernode. With that said, we can move on

Is a 1 Pi Equal to $ 100?
Soon the New Pioneers Will Not Be Able to Mine Pi

1 Pi Equal to $ 100

Is a 1 Pi Equal to $ 100?

As the headlines say, is a Pi worth $ 100? Well, proof of that already exists. About four months ago the first transactions took place, including the purchase of something. About four months ago, some vendors started taking Pi as payment, although Pi still doesn’t have a fixed value until it’s listed on an exchange. Vendors have been selling items for $ 100 against a Pi. Y

You might be wondering now how we can ship the Pi, well this feature can still be embedded. Members can only send Pi tests to each other on the testnet at this time. Although there are members with special access to other functions like blockchain testers, how members can send real Pi now the Pi test given in the wallet. Since there are test nodes like me, there are testers for other things. These special functions have been given to those who are working hard on the project and trying to evolve it, find bugs and move on. These testers can often be found on the Discord server called “The Pi Lifestyle“.

These members are also transacting with each other with real Pi, not all but a few, and they have already developed a mini market among themselves and sell things to each other. If you are one who cannot ship real Pi but wants to buy something from some of the vendors, there is a possibility to do so anyway. Those who can send real Pi can send you a Pi that allows you to buy things. But in the future you will be forced to return a Pi when the mainnet goes live and you can send real Pi.

If you want to know more about this community and how you can buy things for Pi, I recommend that you watch this video, click here.


As you can see, the network has most aspects in place and some test runners currently operating on the test network, that the community is voluntarily running through the reward of test nodes like me, already that many want this project to be a success, for sure. will be. It is difficult to explain how big the community is. The community meets through the chat function in the application, which has a general chat but also chats divided into different languages ​​so that everyone has the possibility to participate for those who do not know English or simply want to speak their native language.

The community has a discord server as I mentioned earlier called “The Pi Lifestyle” which is an autonomous community outside of the original characteristics, there we have the unconditional pioneers. Pioneros is a word for all the peoples that mine pi. That said, I am a pioneer, will you be?

Soon the New Pioneers Will Not Be Able to Mine Pi

Newcomers have a chance to mine Pi for now, but in the next halving or halving, new pioneers will no longer be able to mine Pi. That’s a community-driven question that we will soon present with a verdict that will be cut in half. I would advise you not to miss out on this opportunity as I know that many people in crypto look for this type of opportunity. No hardware for several thousand, no high electricity bills, no loud fan noises. it’s free, it doesn’t consume battery and it hardly has internet and you only need to press one button every twenty-four for mine. It couldn’t be better, that people don’t wear this and preferably people who are heavily involved in this industry are silly in my choice, no offense.

Be a pioneer! I’d be happy if you used my referral code: Sannyashi

I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (Sannyashi) as your invitation code.

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