The 10 Video Games That Let You Become A Literal Monster

Video Games That Let You Become A Literal Monster

Video Games That Let You Become A Literal Monster: Rampage, Carrion, Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse, Altered Beast, Bloodborne, Prototype, Maneater, Aliens Vs. Predator (2010), Splatterhouse (2010), Sonic Unleashed

Here are the 10 Video Games That Let You Become A Literal Monster [Details]

1. Rampage

Did you ever watch King Kong and think, “Hey, maybe being a giant ape would be awesome”? Did you ever sympathize with Godzilla’s plight? Are you in favor of the rights of giant werewolves?

Rampage has you covered on all three fronts. Well, if by “sympathize” you mean “destroy anything like one of three massive monsters”.

That’s what Rampage has allowed you to do in iterations of variations since 1986. The core concept has always been the same: he picks one of the three and smashes, crashes and knocks buildings to rubble.

There is no deep, interwoven story connecting the ape, the lizard, or the wolf. No banana plot twists like your wife being your arm (seriously, that’s one thing). Just you and a couple of friends if you wish, living out the fantasy of being a giant monster.

There is an element of tactics involved, being an arcade game after all. Don’t eat power plants or get bombed, don’t let paparazzi blind you with their cameras.

But otherwise, Rampage lives up to its name with pure, unadulterated carnage. He just remembers to avoid being eaten by your mate if you shrink back to human form. That can end a friendship.

2. Carrion

However, at the end of the day, sometimes it’s good to be a monster with no morals. That’s where Carrion comes in.

Originating from a biomass found by scientists, our titular monstrosity has only one thing on his soft agenda: kill, consume, escape confinement in a populated area, and go berserk.

The best part is that unlike most games where this would be a bad thing, Carrion allows you to attack masses of scientists terrified of Relith Science. Eating the staff keeps you healthy, as you explore various tunnels and labs to retrieve the pieces of the genetic code that had dismantled you.

It’s like the ending of the Ex Machina movie, but instead of a sentient AI trying to blend in with the world, the carrion mass just wants to mix everyone into an edible mass.

Which, in all honesty, is fucking great!

Carrion just encourages grossness, as you can hit and throw your dinner around the shop before eating. New abilities allow you to crash into and through barriers, gaining more biomass and making you a gooey force to be reckoned with.

3. Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse

Zombies have a little rap, don’t they? Always vilified for being monsters, however, they are who they are through no fault of their own. Whatever fuels them, be it chemical, supernatural, or the stubborn refusal to die keeping them non-living, it’s not like they have any control over their actions.

Unless of course you’re Stubbs!

Unfairly rejected by his girlfriend’s father, Stubbs refuses to die and instead enacts his revenge on the townspeople by turning them into an army of the undead. Okay, so maybe zombies are monsters.

However, in this case, it is definitely worth it. The shoe is definitely on the rotting foot as you rip, rip, eat, and turn your unlucky victims in Stubbs’ quest for… well, unhappy being dead, actually. Even after taking revenge, Edward “Stubbs” Stubblefield continues his recruiting spree, reducing the entire city to his zombified legions.

While he’s still a monster, Stubbs has a heart somewhere (even if he’s not beating), as he finally reunites with his girlfriend and his son. True, he eats her and his son tries to kill him again, but still…

4. Altered Beast

The second revenge and rescue story on this list, but strangely enough, it’s not yours. Well, your mission as a player is to rescue them, obviously, but the hero himself? It’s just the lucky gambler that Zeus resurrected to rescue his daughter Athena from him.

But instead of being just another rotting corpse with a bit of mobility granted, you’re special. This nameless hero can transform or alter himself into a variety of monsters or beasts, under certain requirements.

Beasts in the plural, that is.

Collecting three spirit balls will allow the hero to turn into a large number of man-things, depending on the level: a wolf, a tiger, a dragon and even… a bear! Alright, the last one isn’t as cool as a lightning-shooting dragon, but it’s nice to have variety.

Each transformation grants you an ability, such as the aforementioned lightning bolt or launching fireballs at the legions of evil undead that Neff directs at you. Of course, the trick is to keep the powers going until you take on Neff himself, which is no easy feat.

Still, watching that transformation video every time is always a blast.

5. Bloodborne

The general essence of Bloodborne is to maintain sanity, not succumb to the madness that consumes Yharnam. Bloodshed, ancient practices, the perpetual loop of the Old Gods, hunters, and so on are to be avoided… generally.

Or, if you feel like it, you can do the opposite and go crazy, thanks to the Beasthood stat.

This, along with a rage-inducing weapon and armor set, will allow you to lose all semblance of a skilled and balanced hunter. Instead, you turn into a near-feral monster, hacking and slashing at most things with your Beast Claws.

Completely fill your Beasthood meter and become a whirling dervish of ferocious attack and strength as you tear apart [almost] anything in your path.

Of course, there is a caveat. The higher your attack, the weaker your defense. But then who cares!

Throw caution to the wind and descend into visceral madness, becoming a literal monster in the eyes of other hunters.

It’s Bloodborne’s “go crazy” mode. Not for the feint of heart or newcomers, but more for a carefree monster mix mode.

6. Prototype

Do you remember in the introduction that I said that the man metaphorically is a monster when he does bad things?

All right, this is the exception. You can be both.

Alex Mercer, the protagonist of Prototype, already had a dubious past as a scientist before the New York Blacklight outbreak in the game. Of course, he has amnesia at the start of the game, so it’s not his fault initially.

Of course, you find out that you caused the outbreak out of desperation, which led to you becoming a literal monster, but that’s true.

The core concept is that you are both a man and a monster: you can act like the former in cutscenes and in the story, but when it comes to gameplay, he is pure monster.

Monster fun, that is.

Mercer’s infected superpowers allow him to split people in two, consume them, learn their memories, and even transform into an imitation of them. Oh sure, he might seem a bit iffy from a moral standpoint, since calling him “the good guy” is a bit difficult.

However, in the grand scheme of being a superpowered monster, it’s insanely fun to cause so much chaos.

7. Maneater

Jaws the movie exalted the notion that sharks are the brutal and ruthless killers of the deep. And well, they can be… but they’re not. They’re actually pretty tame unless provoked or you’re spilling red stuff in the sea.

That said, Maneater would be boring if you played as a toothier version of Ecco the Dolphin, messing around in the sea and chatting with your shark friends.

Instead, you evolve from cub to megalodon-sized predator and raise hell in a southern coastal town. And you know what?

It is very fun to do it.

Taking on all comers, be it land or sea life, chomping down on fish and humans for sustenance and evolution points, is pure excitement. Growing bigger, equipping your killer with new abilities and evolutionary traits is worth the investment,

Coming to the crest of the water to dive-bomb a hunter’s boat, circling ashore to interrupt a garden party on a dock before diving back into the saltwater is simplistic joy at its finest.

He even makes the humans look like the monsters in this one. There, something to think about.

8. Aliens Vs. Predator (2010)

Alien vs. Predator has the distinction on this list of being able to play as not one but two types of alien monsters. Spoiled or what?

Do you become a type of hunter who seeks trophies for the hunt, whether human or not? Or do you play as the perfect organism, whose structural perfection is matched only by its hostility?

Playing as the former, you’re sent out under the guise of trial and initiation, taking out colonial marines while thwarting xenomorphic prey your kind has hunted for sport long ago.

Will it be the spear, the shoulder cannon, or the personal touch with the wrist-mounted blades? Where will you keep your trophies?

Or you can play as a Xenomorph, take revenge on Weyland Yutani, break free from your limitations and invade the planet with your brothers. Which, in all honesty, is just as much fun.

Stalking from the shadows before falling on your victims is simplistic savagery at its finest. Like drilling into their brains with that retractable inner jaw thing of yours.

However you play, either one has its merits. Those Colonial Marines probably deserved it anyway.

9. Splatterhouse (2010)

The original Splatterhouse was already intended for mature players by allowing you to transform into a Michael Myers/Jason Vorhees impression in the late 80s.

The 2010 remake, however, took that old-school angle, called it thinking, and took it to the extreme.

Gone are the boiler suit and machete, replaced by Rick the roided monster. Not just a little bit of transformation, we’re talking about the size of “Batman titan monsters”.

Granting a dying Rick the power to save his mistress from the clutches of the infamous Dr. West, Terror Mask allows Rick to cut his way through time and space to retrieve Jennifer.

And it crushes, as very little can stand in the way of a ten foot monster that wields an incredible amount of mystical force. Did the ending work?

So much violence, gore and more gore than a massive paper cut accident at a hemophiliacs annual meeting.

It was the reboot no one expected, aimed at the edgy metal crowd (with Mastodon on the soundtrack) and it was great to play.

Come for the violence, stay for the witty mask dialogue.

10. Sonic Unleashed

So first things first: the ‘were’ in werewolf is Latin for ‘man’. Ergo, werewolf means ‘werewolf’, so by extension we call Sonic a manhog, not a werehog. It’s annoying, but here we are.

Right, pedantry aside, Sonic Unleashed sees the blue blur accidentally transform into a… ugh, “pig man” upon contact with the energy known as Dark Gaia. The game never explains how it affects you this way, but whatever it is, we’ll move on.

What this means is that Sonic ditches the “gotta go fast” gameplay in favor of a more brutal variety of action. Well, as brutal as it gets for a Sonic game. Don’t expect God of War style executions or anything.

It’s not the most polished experience, given that this was the era where Sonic was trying to make something stick, but it has the moments of it. Fighting and climbing were fun, but the real joy comes with his weird stretchy arms ripping apart Robotnik’s minions.

As I say, he is the meekest on this list, in terms of kills and such. But seeing Sonic go completely furry like the Hulk is pretty impressive.

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The 10 Video Games That Let You Become A Literal Monster

Philosophically speaking, when pressed, a man is capable of losing all reason and “turning into a monster.” Like how serial killers are depicted as descending into acts of monstrosity and depravity.

However, we are not delving into the psyche of what makes a man a monster today. We’re looking at the real, literal cases of characters turning into monsters.

Protagonists who through some magical, mystical or ancient artifact nonsense can become beasts through narrative circumstance. Or maybe they were created in a lab and know nothing more than just being a monster.

There are those that are just born as apex predators, whether in the sea or in outer space. For us, they are the monsters. To them, they’re just survivors… but, you know, also disgustingly vicious monsters in their own right.

There are times when it’s good not to overthink these things and just have a little fun on the wilder side. Without stealth, without methodical and precise planning. Just walking in, staking your claim and screwing up the proverbial shit.

Destroying cities, decimating in the name of the Old Gods, or even something as simple as saving your girlfriend are all valid arguments to win. Or even because killing is something as natural as breathing for some…

Whatever the reason, get ready for ten examples of games that will allow you to literally become a monster.

The 10 Video Games That Let You Become A Literal Monster


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