The 25 best fictional football players

best fictional football players

Who are the best fictional football players?: Levander “Bird” Williams, Brian “Smash” Williams, Rod Tidwell, Cappie Roew, Brian Riley, Tim Riggins, Becky “Icebox” O’Shea, Jonathon Moxon, Vontae Mack, Andre Krimm, Darnell Jefferson, Charles Jefferson,,,,

Here are The 25 best fictional football players

Levander “Bird” Williams (‘Wildcats’)

“Bird” (Mykelti Williamson) went from a promising career as a small-time hood to one of the best quarterbacks and all-around players in Chicago. After joining the Central Wildcats mid-season, “Bird” turned the struggling team into a contender for the city championship. His combination of a rocket arm and blazing speed proved hard for the opposition to contain.

Brian “Smash” Williams (‘Friday Night Lights’)

There’s no denying Smash (Gaius Charles)’s talent for the Dillon Panthers. Unfortunately, the running back has not always taken the proper path to earning his success. He’s also been branded a bad teammate at times. The pressure of playing prep football in a Texas town obsessed with the sport tends to bring out the worst in people. That also makes for good Hollywood viewing. Eventually, Smash grows up, finds his place, and becomes a true asset to his team.

Rod Tidwell (‘Jerry Maguire’)

Rod (Cuba Gooding Jr.) wants to be shown the money, but the reality is that the Cardinals receiver hasn’t done anything special to earn a pay raise. He’s considered an underachiever most of his career, and eventually, he becomes the lone client of disgruntled agent Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise). Ultimately, Tidwell has an epiphany during a nationally-televised game, which also helps Jerry’s personal and professional life.

Cappie Roew (‘Lucas’)

The Park High football team in this 1980s Corey Haim vehicle is terrible. However, its best player Cappie (Charlie Sheen) would likely be an all-area performer at any other above-average prep program in suburban Chicago. The “Big Man on Campus,” Cappie has a caring heart and is the only jock who is nice to the eccentric Lucas (Haim). He’s also welcoming to new girl Maggie (Kerri Green).

Brian Riley (‘All the Right Moves’)

Brian (the late, great Chris Penn) is the Ampipe Bulldogs’ best player. A star linebacker who plays like a rabid dog, Riley has earned a scholarship to play football at USC. (All he has to do is maintain his “fantastic 2.0 grade-point average.”) However, life gets in the way, and Brian won’t get the chance to achieve football glory past the rugged and rigid streets of Ampipe.

Tim Riggins (‘Friday Night Lights’)

Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) has something about him that makes people of Dillon gravitate his way. He’s a bruising running back who’s endured a rough life and doesn’t always make the best decisions. However, he’s pretty loyal to those he cares about. Tim is a tortured, likable soul despite everything he’s been through.

Becky “Icebox” O’Shea (‘Little Giants’)

Who says girls can’t play football? Those who do have never seen “Icebox” play. Becky (Shawna Waldron) has a personal struggle to deal with when it comes to the game she loves and giving in to peer pressure. However, she ends up making the proper call and helps the Giants pull off one of the most memorable fictional football upsets in film history.

Jonathon Moxon (‘Varsity Blues’)

One of the more intelligent players on this list. All “Mox” (James Van Der Beek) needs is a chance to show how good he is at quarterback. Mox is also a realist. He knows his future outside West Canaan does not include football. He’s headed to the Ivy League. We also know Jonathon does not want the life his father hoped to enjoy.

Vontae Mack (‘Draft Day’)

The late Chadwick Boseman was taken from us too soon. He was known for many legendary roles, but one of his more underrated efforts came as this active linebacker from Ohio State. He’s got that elite combination of big-time speed and strength. Cleveland Browns general manager Sonny Weaver (Kevin Costner) likes Vontae’s potential, and we should all celebrate Mack’s brass-knuckle cell phone.

Andre Krimm (‘Necessary Roughness’)

Krimm (Sinbad) has one more shot at fulfilling some college football glory. A university instructor who also moonlights as a lineman for Texas State, Andre is a bruising force on either side of the line of scrimmage. He’s also extremely intelligent, a pretty decent dancer, and a strict vegetarian.

Darnell Jefferson (‘The Program’)

Star quarterback Joe Kane (Craig Sheffer) seems to have lost his love of the game, and Steve Lattimer (Andrew Bryniarski) was a cheater. So, the player at ESU with the most promising future seems to be freshman running back Darnell Jefferson (Omar Epps). Darnell struggles early on with his grades and holding on to the football. Eventually, things improve, and Jefferson finds his place in big-time college football.

Charles Jefferson (‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’)

Contrary to popular belief, Jefferson (Forest Whitaker) does not just fly in for games. He actually attends Ridgemont High School. In addition to being one of the country’s best linebackers, Jefferson is fond of his little brother, Earth, Wind & Fire, and his prized sports car that doesn’t fare as well as Jefferson does on the football field.

Reno Hightower (‘Best of Times’)

It’s somewhat sad that Reno’s best football days were in high school. Hightower (Kurt Russell) is considered one of the great prep quarterbacks in Kern County, California, history. (Legend has it he threw seven touchdowns in a game once.) Thanks to former teammate and buddy Jack Dundee (the late Robin Williams), Reno gets to replay one of the most bittersweet moments of his football life.

Forrest Gump (‘Forrest Gump’)

Forrest (Tom Hanks) accomplished much during his unique lifetime. One such claim to fame was his status as an all-American kick returner at the University of Alabama. Forrest was a speedster, which was even more impressive because he wore braces on his legs as a youth. Gump met the President of the United States because of his gridiron success and went to town on Dr. Pepper at the White House.

Phillip Finch (‘Wildcats’)

Despite his size, the massive Finch (the late Tab Thacker) never wanted to play for the Central High football team. Of course, when he inadvertently injured one of coach Molly McGrath’s better players, he was forced to become part of the team. Finch needed to be motivated, but eventually, he got into the game, and his fictionally amazing blocked field goal helped the Wildcats win the city championship.

Shane Falco (‘The Replacements’)

We’re glad Falco (Keanu Reeves) could finally move past that Sugar Bowl debacle. It took some time, but Shane finally got to prove his worth as a pro player — albeit as a scab — for the Washington Sentinels. In truth, Falco is probably a better leader and friend than a football player, and that’s OK with him and his replacement teammates Daniel Bateman (Jon Favreau), Clifford Franklin (Orlando Jones), and the Jackson brothers (Faizon Love, Michael Taliferro).

Phil Elliott (‘North Dallas Forty’)

Elliott (Nick Nolte) enjoyed the good life as a successful pro football player in Dallas during the late 1970s. There’s the fame, the women, the booze, etc. There’s also the pressure to conform to the wants and desires of a franchise, specifically a win-at-all-costs coach. Nearing the end of his career, Elliott has a decision to make.

Lucy Draper (‘Necessary Roughness’)

A soccer player by trade, Draper (Kathy Ireland) was plucked to solve Texas State’s place-kicking issues. She’s got quite the leg and has a special admirer in lineman Manumana “the Slender.” Lucy was the Armadillos’ most consistent offensive weapon and came through when the team needed her the most.

Stefan Djordjevic (‘All the Right Moves’)

An undersized but hard-hitting cornerback from blue-collar Ampipe High, Stef (Tom Cruise) is looking to trade football for a top-notch college education and become an engineer. While he sometimes plays the victim, Djordjevic is not afraid to speak his mind or defend his teammates, especially against authoritarian Coach Nickerson (Craig T. Nelson). Remember, “always go for the ball.”

Paul Crewe (‘The Longest Yard’)

First, many younger fans only know the Adam Sandler version of this 1970s classic. This is all about the original starring the late legend Burt Reynolds. Crewe was a once great quarterback who became corrupt and reckless. However, he gets his shot at redemption when he and his fellow inmates known as “Mean Machine” take on the hated guards in perhaps the greatest-ever fictional football game.

Al Bundy (‘Married… with Children’)

By all accounts, Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill) was one of the greatest running backs in the history of Polk High School. Who can forget the four touchdowns he scored against Andrew Johnson High during the 1966 City Championship game? Unfortunately for Al, a leg injury prevented him from playing in college. So, he settled for a life selling shoes and a family he essentially despises.

Bobby Boucher, Jr. (‘The Waterboy’)

Boucher is a socially stunted water boy-turned-star linebacker for South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs. There’s some red tape to get through, but Bobby is easy to root for in a Rudy sense.

Billy Bob (‘Varsity Blues’)

The consummate team player, Billy Bob (the late Ron Lester) plays hard and doesn’t want to let his teammates down. Even when he wasn’t feeling well. Unfortunately, he was exploited by abusive West Canaan coach Bud Kilmer (Jon Voight). Billy Bob has emotional issues, but he’s a kind heart. He’s a beast on the football field and a fun-loving, pig-owning high schooler off the field.

Paul Blake (‘Necessary Roughness’)

The “Arm of the Armadillos.” Blake (Scott Bakula) was a great high school quarterback, but his father’s death kept him from playing in college. Some 15 years later, Blake gets to pursue his college football dreams. This time, with a rag-tag group of underachievers trying to rebuild a Texas State program recently gutted for a number of violations. It takes time, but Blake grows into the leader he always had the potential to be.

Willie Beamen (‘Any Given Sunday’)

Beamen (Jamie Foxx) is a talented quarterback but has an attitude. He likes to place blame on others. He’s a showboat, but in terms of fictional football fandom, he’s fun to watch. He’s the stereotypical prima donna athlete who allows fame to go to his head. After Beamen’s professional world comes crashing down, he eventually sees the big picture and how he can succeed while respecting those around him.

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