The 25 Greatest Players in Georgia Football History

The greatest players in Georgia football history
The 25 Greatest Players in Georgia Football History

Greatest players in Georgia football history: Bob McWhorter, Vernon “Catfish” Smith, Bill Hartman, Frank Sinkwich, Charley Trippi, John Rauch, Theron Sapp, Fran Tarkenton, Bill Stanfill, Jake Scott, Scott Woerner, Herschel Walker, Terry Hoage and more

Here are the 25 best players to play football for the Bulldogs, listed in chronological order.

Bob McWhorter, Halfback (1910-13)
Vernon “Catfish” Smith, End (1929-31)
Bill Hartman, Quarterback/Running Back/Linebacker (1935-37)
Frank Sinkwich, Halfback (1941-43)
Charley Trippi, Halfback (1942, 45-46)
John Rauch, Quarterback (1945-48)
Theron Sapp, Running Back (1956-58)
Fran Tarkenton, Quarterback (1958-60)
Bill Stanfill, Defensive Lineman (1966-68)
Jake Scott, Defensive Back (1967-68)
Scott Woerner, Defensive Back/Returner (1978-80)
Herschel Walker, Running Back (1980-82)
Terry Hoage, Defensive Back (1981-83)
Kevin Butler, Kicker (1981-84)
Garrison Hearst, Running Back (1990-92)
Hınes Ward, Wide Receiver/All-Purpose (1994-97)
Matt Stinchcomb, Offensive Line (1995-98)
Champ Bailey, Cornerback/All-Purpose (1996-98)
Terrence Edwards. Wide Receiver (1999-2002)
David Pollack, Linebacker (2001-04)
Jarvis Jones, Outside Linebacker (2011-12)
Aaron Murray, Quarterback (2010-13)
Roquan Smith, Linebacker (2015-17)
Jordan Davis, Defensive Tackle (2018-21)
Nakobe Dean, Linebacker (2019-21)

The greatest players in Georgia football history

The University of Georgia football program has been responsible for some of the best players in college football history.

The 11 Greatest Players in Georgia Football History [With Image]

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