The Essential Britney Spears Playlist

The Essential Britney Spears Playlist: Baby One More Time, Womanizer, Toxic, Work Bıtch, Oops…I Did It Again, Circus, Lucky, If U Seek Amy, Piece of Me, You Drive Me Crazy andI’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

Flip through the slideshow below to see 11 songs that are essential to any Britney Spears playlist, from her 1999 debut “Baby One More Time” to later favorites like “Till The World Ends.”

“Baby One More Time”

In 1998, Britney Spears stormed onto the scene with “Baby One More Time,” complete with the iconic music video set in a school. The song was an instant hit, charting at #1 for two weeks, and remains one of the top-selling pop songs ever recorded by a female artist.


Appearing on Spears’s 2008 album “Circus,” “Womanizer” is Spears at the height of her powers. The hard-pumping electro-pop beat is infinitely catchy, making the song a club staple long after its release.


Britney Spears won her first Grammy Award in 2003 with the release of “Toxic,” which appears on her fourth full-length album “In The Zone.” With its unmistakable melody and a racy music video that was relegated to late-night television, “Toxic” has become a fan favorite among Spears devotees.

“Work Bıtch”

“You want a hot body? You want a Maserati,” Spears asks on this 2013 pop smash. “You better work bıtch.” It isn’t Spears’s best vocal performance, but there’s no denying that this hit earned massive appeal. Since its release, the song has been certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, with more than 1 million copies sold.

“Oops…I Did It Again”

The title track from Spears’s 2000 sophomore album, the music video for “Oops…I Did It Again” is the definition of iconic. Featuring a scene inspired by the film “Titanic” and Spears in a latex bodysuit, the video earned multiple MTV Video Music Awards nominations after its release, while the song scored Spears a #1 hit in more than a dozen countries.


In a song that’s definitely autobiographical, Britney Spears sings about the publicity circus that was her life in 2008 on “Circus.” Demanding “all eyes on me,” the lyrics in this song would prove prescient in 2021, as the media circus swirled around her battle to end the decade-long conservatorship controlled by her father.


Bringing a much different sound and more mellow vibe to her 2000 album “Oops…I Did It Again,” “Lucky” is one of those Britney Spears songs that fans look back on with serious questions. It’s about the loneliness that comes with fame, which feels like a whole lot like a prediction of what was to come after Spears’s conservatorship began.

“If U Seek Amy”

The double entendre in this 2008 Spears single isn’t exactly easy to spot, but as soon as you hear it, you’ll never be able to hear anything else. Some conservative groups threatened to file complaints about the song’s “indecency,” but the controversy only helped make the song a #1 hit in multiple countries.

“Piece of Me”

Yet another Britney Spears song that’s deeply autobiographical, 2007’s “Piece of Me” is an outspoken critique of the paparazzi that hounded Spears for details about her personal life at the height of her fame. It’s a staple in Spears’s live shows and served as the name of her Las Vegas residency that ran from 2013 to 2017.

“You Drive Me Crazy”

Movie fans might recognize “You Drive Me Crazy,” from the similarly-titled 1999 rom-com starring Melissa Joan Hart and Adrien Grenier. But Britney fans recognize it as one of her best bubblegum dance tunes, still perfect for a night out at the club more than 20 years after its release.

“I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”

Even though it wasn’t as commercially successful as some of Spears’s more popular tracks, 2002’s “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” is deeply personal for the artist and has been described by Britney as among her favorites.

The Essential Britney Spears Playlist

Arguably the most influential pop star of the 2000s, much of the talk about Britney Spears in recent years hasn’t focused on her music. And that’s a real shame because Spears has released some of the best dance-pop songs of her generation.

The Essential Britney Spears Playlist [With Image]

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