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Best Rewarding Options 5 DeFi Coins

These Best Rewarding Options With 5 DeFi Coins

You are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies and are probably weighing your options of different ways to earn. Staking is one of the most lucrative investment options in the world of cryptocurrencies. It involves collateralizing assets in portfolios, exchanges or participation platforms for a predetermined period, after which you can earn income in the form of rewards.

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There are many gambling assets in the world of cryptocurrencies and Defi that offer excellent reward opportunities. However, identifying the right asset can be a problem for new investors. This guide will look at the 5 most profitable Defi tokens to bet on, considering the rewards offered by each one.

Best Rewarding Options 5 DeFi Coins

CAKE (PancakeSwap)
DYP (Defi Yield Protocol)
Luna (Terra)
SNX (Synthetix)
SUSHI (SushiSwap)

CAKE (PancakeSwap)

CAKE is the native token of a decentralized exchange called PancakeSwap. Due to its use on PancakeSwap, this token has successfully gained high demand, with a market capitalization of nearly $ 2 billion.

CAKE (PancakeSwap)

It has been an excellent betting asset for many investors, with some claiming to earn very high rewards. How can you successfully bet CAKE tokens for a chance to win a reward? Here are some steps to consider;

  • Transfer some CAKE and BNB to Metamask, Trust or other Pancakeswap compatible wallets and connect your wallet to PancakeSwap DEX.
  • Go to the pools section in the platform click the unlock button
  • You can now stake your tokens in the pool by clicking the button dubbed Approve CAKE.
  • At this point, you have completed your staking, and all you can do is wait for your rewards.
  • According to a staking pool reward calculator, the annualized APY’s in staking cake currently stands at 75%. 

DYP (Defi Yield Protocol)

DYP is Defi Yield Protocol’s native token, presented with a wide range of income earning opportunities. It is an excellent Defi betting token, and investors can benefit from the returns from betting. DYP is paired with different assets in four groups: DYP-ETH, DYP-USDC, DYP-WBTC, and DYP-USDT.

The process of betting the coins is relatively straightforward and includes the following steps;

  • Follow the link to the staking app using this link
  • Once you open this page, click connect wallet, where you can add the details to your Metamask wallet.
  • Once you link the wallet, you can now connect staking pools like DYP/ETH pool.
  • There are four staking options involved ranging from 3 to 90 day locking period. 
  • Select one of the pools you want to work with, add the liquidity required, supply, and approve
  • You will need to follow a few steps, including selecting the gas charges, and then you will fully stake

Note; As mentioned earlier, there are four staking options in each pool. The shortest is a three-day locking period with rewards starting from 30k DYP. The second is the 30 days locking period with 45k DYP as rewards. There is a 60 day locking for 75k DYP reward and 90 days locking for 100k DYP. 

Luna (Terra)

Luna is another excellent Defi token that provides extensive passive income generating opportunities for the average user. As a product of the Terra Defi network, this token helps run the primary services within the network. Terra is a Defi network introduced to leverage fiat-pegged stablecoins to power global payment networks.

The reward rate of the tokens is 12%, which means that if a person bets $ 1k of Luna tokens, he earns an average of $ 10 per month. To bet on Luna, you need to follow the following steps closely;

  • The first step is downloading the Terra Station wallet and login into your desktop wallet. 
  • After setting up the Terra Station, go to the staking tab section, available on the Terra station wallet.
  • Visit the validators section and select staked from the validators list.
  • Finally, you will notice a blue delegate button, click it and enter the amounts to delegate. Finish the process by submitting and approving, and your value will be staked.

SNX (Synthetix)

SNX is another profitable Defi token to bet on and earn great rewards. SNX is a token that powers the Synthetix network and offers options for investors to earn by investing in SYNTH tokens.

The Synthetix network leverages the PoS consensus by launching new tokens. Overall, SNX is a good betting asset, with rewards of 23.57%. If you invest $ 1000, you earn $ 235 at the end of the year. But how can the SNX token be effectively wagered? Here are some steps;

  • Foremost, make sure you have transferred the SNX token you want to stake into the wallet and link the wallet with the staking app.
  • Secondly, visit their staking page,, which is the staking app.
  • On this page, select the minting option.
  • Tap the max button to make the maximum sUSD possible
  • You can adjust the amount of input, select the mint option and confirm the transaction.

SUSHI (SushiSwap)

Sushiswap is another platform that offers great rewards when betting on the native SUSHI token. This asset assists in the delivery of DEX services and has gained wide adoption. For example, SUSHI’s current market capitalization, according to coinmarketcap, is $ 800 million. As a major alternative to UniSwap, Sushiswap has very high prospects for investors, and its token is a great beneficiary.

As a Defi asset, SUSHI is among the best tokens to bet on and earn rewards based on your stake. According to some betting calculators, a user can earn an annualized APY of 17.61%, which translates to $ 176 if the investment is $ 1000. How can a user effectively bet a SUSHI token? Here is a little guide;

  • Visit the Sushi website( and go into the application.
  • You need to integrate your wallet into Sushiswap. 
  • Select the amount of SUSHI to the stake, or if you want to stake all, click the Max button, then confirm staking.
  • Approve transactions, and your SUSHI is staked. You can now wait for the end of your staking period to get your rewards.
Final word

Identifying the right asset to bet on and earn great rewards is difficult for new investors. However, this guide has looked at the top assets you can consider when investing in cryptocurrencies. These assets include CAKE, SUSHI, DYP, SNX, and Luna, all of which offer excellent APYs for users. DYP is an especially interesting asset, as it offers a wide range of options to facilitate investor participation.

Other assets are great gambling tools, including currencies like Ethereum, Dot, and ADA, all of which can offer great rewards for investors. You should research assets before making investment decisions.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely the opinion of the author and not investment advice; It is provided for educational purposes only. By using this, you agree that the information does not constitute any investment or financial instruction. Please do your own research and contact financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

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