New relationships feel magical with all the romance simmering. However, for a relationship to be successful, it takes much more than love. These factors not only strengthen a relationship, but also help you move forward in life as a couple. Here are six things you need in a relationship besides love.

6 Things That Matter More Than Love in a Relationship

Trust is a fundamental requirement in any relationship. If there is no trust, you may not feel safe with them. They should spend time getting to know each other, building trust, and giving the other person a sense of security. If not, insecurities will develop and eventually cause chaos.

1. Trust And Security

You must be able to communicate freely without fear of being judged. Even if you don't agree, you still need to speak up for yourself and your partner should be able to, too. Good communication can help you build a stronger relationship.

2. Communication

Understanding between the two people in a relationship is very important. You may not have the same interests or likes, but understanding each other ensures fewer fights and healthy time together. A relationship should be without judgment or demands.

3. Understanding

If you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is a jerk and you're still with them because you're in love, then it's probably a bad relationship. Without showing enough respect to each other, it is impossible to maintain a relationship. This means treating each other with respect, even if you had a disagreement. And remember that respect is a two-way street, no one deserves it more than the other.

4. Respect

Love is one thing, but when there is someone who genuinely supports you through thick and thin, it assures you that you have a true partner. Even if it fails or is rejected, the partners always support each other. Such support guarantees security and protection, and each relationship feels special with all this.

5. Support

No matter how deeply in love the two of you are, everyone needs their own space. Space means that both allow each other time without necessarily being part of it. The space in a relationship does not interfere with your happy time together; rather, it simply makes it easier to maintain individual identities and make time for other people.

6. Space

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