Weight Loss Recipes: 5 High-Protein, Low-Calorie Recipes to Try It is certainly a challenge to lose weight. We perform physical activity, caloric restriction and diet. While doing all these things, now we may not know what kind of dishes we can prepare for weight loss. So if you're in the same situation, here are some high-protein, low-calorie recipes for you to make. Are you looking for delicious recipes to lose weight? We've got you covered! Here are some recipes to try.

Scrambled Eggs This is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to stay fit. To make your snack you only need pepper, milk, eggs and butter. You can also add more vegetables to this to make it healthier.

Sprout Chaat This chaat sprout dish is another quick and easy dish to try. A bowl of rajma, moong dal and kaala chana is used to make the filling. You just need to add some lemon juice along with some spices and herbs.

Soya Uttapam This soy uttapam recipe adds soy flakes to the batter, providing the meal with a good amount of protein. Also, the sooji dough used to make this uttapam gives it a crispy texture.

Roasted Gobhi Cauliflower is rich in nutrients and low in fat. This gobhi preparation method will introduce you to a fresh taste. It has a crunchy texture and a smoky flavor. This can be combined with hot sauce or a sauce of hanging curd and garlic.

Mexican Quinoa Salad The main components of this Mexican Quinoa Salad include quinoa, foxtail, kidney beans, crunchy greens, and a cilantro-lime dressing. Each bite is sumptuous and has a subtle, delicate flavor.

Follow these simple tips to keep your gut and stomach healthy during the rainy season